Amnesty International, Prisoners of Conscience Year
Yokoo Tadanori
Amnesty International, Prisoners of Conscience Year, 1977
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Condition Good
Lithograph on woven paper

24 × 32.3 in
61 × 82 cm

Tadanori Yokoo, considered the most important postwar Japanese graphic designer, has straddled the spheres of commercial and fine art since the early 1960s. Despite his prominence as a poster designer in the 1960s and 1970s, he believes a designer should reject any ideas of commercialism when working, and instead “explore his own themes, his own life, his own thoughts." By 1981, Yokoo gave up commercial work to focus on painting and, always open to new media and ideas, he later experimented with computer technology. His work examines his varied interests in pop culture, mass consumption, Indian culture, Buddhism, spirituality, animism, rationality, and the relationship between East and West. Artistic influences range from Surrealism to American Pop art to traditional Japanese arts like ukiyo-e woodblock prints.

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