Word & Image MoMA
Yokoo Tadanori
Word & Image MoMA, 1968
Condition Very Good
Screen-print on woven paper

17 × 48 5/8 in
43.3 × 123.5 cm

For the greatest, splashiest, most magnificent exhibition of poster art the 20th century had yet seen, New York's Museum of Modern Art turned to Tadanori Yokoo. Often (and unfairly) called "the Japanese Andy Warhol," Yokoo clearly ran on the same ground as Warhol – converting the pop, the trash, the smash and the flash into extraordinary objects that sent up commercialization even as they participated in it. MoMA's 1968 exhibition was hailed by the New York Times as "a landmark presentation that helped define the medium for scholars, graphics specialists and collectors." Yokoo's exhibition poster, one of his first appearances in the American art scene, helped it get there: a rendering of the art form as a hypnotic calling toward the eye.

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